St Simon Stock Sixth Form Digital Prospectus - page 9

Students in our Sixth Form are ambassadors who are highly regarded
by the rest of the school. Many step up to lead by example, taking on
prefect responsibilities.
Sixth Form students work closely with their teachers in a relationship
that is closer to the university tutorial style. Behaviour for learning
in the Sixth Form is exemplary, reflecting the passion and drive for
success on all sides. Opportunities to serve others are widespread.
It is taken for granted that all Sixth Formers will be role models for
younger students, not just in terms of academic excellence and high
aspirations, but also in setting an example of community service.
The behaviour of our students is
exemplary and is frequently commented
on by visitors as being exceptional. This
is because we place the Christian values
of tolerance, inclusivity and respect at the
heart of the life of the school.
“After a few weeks it is difficult to see
which students were new in the Sixth Form.”
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